Adrienn Újházi

Adrienn Újházi (1995, Novi Sad) completed her BA in 2018 and her MA in 2020 at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Department of painting. As of 2021, she is an independent artist. She explores the interdisciplinary territory between art, science and technology (ASTS), shedding light on the relationship between humans and nature. In […]

Aleksandar Rakezić

Aleksandar Rakezić was born in 1995 in Kraljevo. He completed his basic and master’s studies in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, class of prof. Mileta Prodanović. As a scholarship holder of the Government of France, he spent a semester at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Studio Guillaume Paris, […]

Aleksandra Kovačević

Anika Vajagić

Anika Vajagic (Born in Toronto and raised in London) is a multimedia artist specialising in filmmaking, photography and graphic design. A recent graduate of King’s College London’s Film Studies BA, her work is based in London (UK) and Belgrade (SRB). She finds excitement in discovering new mediums and seeing what she can create with them, […]

Artan Hajrullahu

Artan Hajrullahu (Born in 1979 in Gjilan, Kosovo) studied at the Academy of Arts, University of Prishtina. Hajrullahu teaches painting at the Visual Arts High School in Gjilan. He is an artist challenging societal norms through his paintings and drawings. His works provoke conservative ideals around beauty, nudity, relationships, marriage, gender roles, and personal choice, […]

Beton Kunst

Art Collective Beton Kunst was founded in 2023 in Belgrade, Serbia, by: Luka Jovanov, theatre director; Branislav Sarić, sociologist and poet; Dunja Maksimović, sculptor and costume designer; Katarina Ilijašević, choreographer and dancer. Beton Kunst is concreteness, unscrupulousness, constancy, firmness, relentlessness, strength, courage, tenderness, rebellion. Beton Kunst is intimate, open, clear, and loud. Beton Kunst avoids […]

Daniela Hedman & Torbjörn Johansson

”south east / south west” Daniela Hedman & Torbjörn Johansson are an artist duo who, in addition to their own artistry, also collaborate under the name “south east / south west”. Since the start of 2016 they have proceeded an investigative and experimental work, where nature, its forces and human interference stands in focus. The […]

Danijela Pivašević-Tenner

Danijela Pivašević-Tenner studied in Belgrade and Berlin. She lives and works in Berlin. From 2013 until 2020 she has been the Artistic Director of Dr Hans Hoch Foundation at the Künstlerhaus Neumünster in Northern Germany and initiator of the funding program “Ceramic Artist Exchange – Tandem”. Since 2020, she is lecturer and head of the […]

Danilo Ceković

Danilo Ceković studied film directing at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. During his studies, he filmed short fiction documentaries, one of which, “The Garden of Dreams,” was selected for the “Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival.” Currently, he is working as a director, cinematographer, and producer of a feature film titled “From 0 to […]

Daria Goncharova

Daria Goncharova is an interdisciplinary artist born 1993 in Samara. From 2019 to 2022 she lived and worked in St. Petersburg. Currently lives and works in Serbia. She graduated from the Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in 2015. Since 2022 to 2024 she has been studying at the Institute of Contemporary Art […]

Dea Džanković

Dea Džanković is an interdisciplinary artist based in Belgrade, Serbia. She holds a BA degree in Media and Arts production from the Academy of Arts in Belgrade (2014), and two MA degrees in Visual Arts, first being from Sabanci university in Istanbul (2016), and latter from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. As of […]

Emilija Terzić

Emilija Terzić is a poet, director, and visual artist. Creating art for her is a strategy for living, a way to connect with herself, other people, and the world around her. Her multimedia expression is a result of feeling out of place on planet Earth, an attempt to create her own world in which she […]

Hanna Priemetzhofer

Hanna Priemetzhofer uses her pseudonym Pira Tin as an expression of curiosity to engage with spaces in between, to gather the fleeting and fragmentary, to improvise, to revalue rubbish, to be in motion. Mostly, her artistic practice is collecting and interweaving the findings. She often works in a combination of images (photos and scans) and […]

Kasja Jerlagić

Kasja Jerlagić (1996) is a multidisciplinary artist from Sarajevo. She has a BFA in Printmaking from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo; she has worked in several local galleries (11/07/95, Duplex 100m2, Charlama Depot), founded and led the art-activist collective ODRON (2018-2022), organizing events at the intersection of art, culture and politics. During the […]

Katarina Šaptović

Katarina Šaptović, born in Ivanjica, came to Belgrade after high school. In 2018, she founded the KezVez brand, which is based on the application of hand embroidery on textiles. Exhibited at several group and three solo exhibitions (“Black on white” 2012, “Women’s Society” 2021, “Faith” 2022). —- “Overthink” In my environment, I am recognized as […]

Kemil Bekteši

Kemil Bekteši (b. 1997, Belgrade) is a Bosnian/Serbian/Kosovar visual artist who specialises in researching and working with topics related to identity, geopolitics, and nationality. He was a finalist for both the ZVONO Award (YVAA – BiH, 2020) and the MANGELOS Award (YVAA – Srb, 2022). He completed his master’s degree in 2021 and his bachelor’s […]

Nađa Pavlović

Nađa Pavlović, also known as Nani, is a multimedia artist with a focus on acting and writing. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she is involved in event organization, modeling, and marketing, as well as various other projects. —- Works Komšinice, drugarice (November 2020) Podsećam se/ I Remember (April 10, 2023) To fully experience my […]

Nataša Kokić

Nataša Kokić (1979), Belgrade, Serbia. Graduated (BA) in 2005 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, University of Arts, Department of Painting. Awarded with Magister of Arts degree from the Faculty in May 2010. Finished her PhD in 2019 and now is working as associate professor at the same Faculty in Belgrade. Lives in […]

Nikola Dimitrović & Ljiljana Ilić

Nikola Dimitrović (1990, Belgrade) completed his master’s studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Arts in Belgrade in 2019 at the Department of Painting. Although he is a painter, he often chooses to articulate his artistic ideas through concept, video art, spatial installation and sculpture, which allows him to approach the […]

Nikola Radosavljević

Nina Zeljković

Nina Zeljković is a visual artist and conceptual painter. Her extended painting and video practice explores the painterly and architectural methods that can influence the body’s movements through space and activate its embodied knowledge. Inspired by the attitude eastern christian iconography held towards images and which can be summarised in three main points: ‘Reverse’perspective, representational […]

Olga Holzschuh

In Olga Holzschuh’s artistic work photography, sculpture and performance are closely intertwined with questions of (in)stability, indexicality (as imprint and trace), physical presence and identity. The ‘transitional’ is at the core of her work. This is apparent not only in her performances, but also in her work with shape-shifting materials such as soap, photographic solutions […]

Pedro Barateiro

Pedro Barateiro (b. 1979, Almada, Portugal) works in a variety of media, including sculpture, film, performance, writing and drawing. His work focuses on the deconstruction of Western binary narratives. He had solo exhibitions at Kunsthalle Münster, CRAC Alsace, Kohta, among many others. He has participated in different group exhibitions around the world and his performances […]

Present Perfect

Multidisciplinary performance “Present Perfect,” draws inspiration from the concept of self-perfection as influenced by modern capitalist society. We aim to challenge the notion of perfection by questioning: What if instead of striving for perfection, we focus on being present? Why can’t being present be considered perfect? This collaborative performance integrates various mediums, including contemporary dance, […]

Rena Rädle & Vladan Jeremić

Rena Rädle & Vladan Jeremić (Berlin/Belgrade) are artists whose research-oriented work includes installations and artistic interventions in public space. In their joint practice, they address the question of the intersection of art and politics, revealing the contradictions of contemporary societies. Using techniques that are easily reproduced and distributed, such as drawing and printmaking, and simple […]

Sanja Vasić

Sanja Vasić’s practice weaves a nexus of poetic, conceptual, and symbolic vocabularies inspired by embodied experiences, memories, realms of subconscious and imaginary, and various references picked from popular culture and theoretical research. She often uses poetry as a ground base for her work as it’s able to track her non-linear streams of thoughts and emotions, […]

Sofija Pavković

Sofija Pavković (Zaječar, 2000) completed her undergraduate studies in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She got her master’s degree at the same faculty as the top student of her generation in 2023, defending her master’s thesis on the topic “Awakening the Subconscious Mind: Dreams on Paper and Their Transformation into Spatial […]

Teodora Nešković

Teodora Nešković (2001, Belgrade), is a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, painting department, in the class of Professor Simonida Rajčević. She previously attended the School of Design, majoring in Textile Design Technician. In 2020, he decided specifically on painting. In addition to painting, she is also engaged in sculpture using […]

Yao Wang

Yao Wang (born 1995) is a Chinese conceptual artist currently based in Austria. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in design in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 2019, he traveled to Belgrade as an artist-in- residence and accidentally got stuck there due to the pandemic. He eventually decided to stay, and this experience has shaped his practice […]