Streaming at TransformArt Gallery

Streaming at TransformArt Gallery

With the cycle of paintings under the working title Streaming, the Katarina Švabić’s focus is directed inwardly, toward a meditative void whose content, though abstract, is excitingly vibrant and changeable. The calligraphic strokes reflect the current energy supply, and the artistic exploration of the invisible logics and intelligence of motion, such as flow, vibration, pulsation, and the absence of motives and mental content (information) make this creative process enjoyable and relaxed.

Katarina Švabić was born in Belgrade in1975. She is an associate professor at Faculty of Visual Arts in Podgorica, Montenegro. (interdisciplinary visual art). She is also a member of The Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro. Lives and work in Podgorica, Montenegro
2001. – 2003. postgraduate studies / University of Fine Arts/ Cetinje
1999. – 2000. scholarship / Ecole des Beaux-Arts/ Lorient / France
1994. – 1999. graduate studies/University of Montenegro/Faculty of Fine Arts / Cetinje/ Department for Painting
1990. – 1994. School of Industrial Design / Belgrade.

1998. Gallery ’SPINNAKER’/ Herceg Novi/ solo exibition
1999. Gallery ’TIODOROVIĆ’/ Podgorica/ solo exhibition
1999. „Mirror-mirroring”/ The Centre of Contemporary Art of Montenegro/ Podgorica, Montenegro
2000. ’Balkan Winter Food Stores’, Podgorica
2001. ’Montenegrin Triennial of Young 2001’, CSUCG, Podgorica, Montenegro
2001. Shift the fire / ’Fire’, Saint Paul de Vence, Francuska
2003. ’The Artists Choose 6+6’/ Tvrđava Pavilion, Niš
2004. „Parallel Worlds” / Gallery of The National Museum, Cetinje
2005. ’Visualizations’ Gallery ‘Centar’, The Centre of Contemporary Art of Montenegro, Podgorica / solo exibition
2005. ’At Second Sight’ / Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade
2005. ’New Wave’/ Communaute Française de Belgique, Brussels
2005. Shift: ’Propellers of the World, Unite!’/ Festival of Alternative Creative Exchange, Novi Sad
2006. ’New Wave’ / Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo
2006. ’New Wave’ / The Cultural Centre of Serbia and Montenegro, Paris
2006. ’Eastern Neighbours’/ Cultural Center Babel, Utreht, Netherlands
2006. ’New Wave’/ Centre of Contemporary Art, ’The Petrović’s Castle’, Podgorica
2006. ’Faces & Spaces’/ City Gallery, Cultural Centre, Kotor / solo
2006. „The Winter Art Salon in Herceg Novi”, Herceg Novi
2006. „At Second Sight” / Pavelhaus, Laafeld, Austria
2008. ’Ode to Joy’/ Shift / Budva Theatre City, Budba, Montenegro
2009. “The Iwano Project IX“ / Museum ’25 Maj’, Beograd
2009. “The Iwano Project IX“ / Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad
2011. “Ici et ailleurs” / 2011, FLU Cetinje, Montenegro
2012. “Forms” / Land Art -, Academy of Arts, Novi sad, Serbia
2012. ,“Surrender” / Jellyfishs float, Lake Fest, Nikšić, Montenegro
2014. “Magic of Circle” / Atelje Dado, Cetinje, Montenegro / solo exibition
2014. “Taboo in transition” / regional art colony, Babe, Srbija (ZMUC)
2014. “Magic of Circle“/ Perjanički dom, Podgorica, Montenegro / solo exibition
2015. “Taboo in transition”/ exhibition, Dom kulture studentski grad, Belgrade, Srbija (ZMUC)
2015. “Magic of Circle“, B-Site Festival for Audiovisual Arts / Mannheim, Germany
2015. “Tunnels” / 6thShortz International video and short film festival, Novi Sad, Serbia
2016. “Book of Change” / Art Festival Virski, Bar, Montenegro
2017. “Imago Mundi Montenegrina”/ Luciano Benetton Collection, exibition Pallermo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and H.
2017. “Colors” / Galerija Pizana, Porto Montenegro, Tivat, Montenegro
2017. “Zona” / “Gallery Concept Art Space”, Podgorica, Montenegro / solo exhibition
2017. “Tunnels“/ AVI Fest, Podgorica, Montenegro
2018. “The 51. Winter Art Salon in Herceg Novi”, Herceg Novi, MNE
2018. ULUCG, Annual exhibition, award for painting
2018. “Streaming” – Space for Art, Societe Generale Bank
2018. “Drawing as experiment”, Center of Contemporary Arts, Podgorica
2018. “Streaming”, Barski Ljetopis, Bar
2018. “Zone”, art salon “Petar Lubarda”, Gallery „Miodrag Dado Đurić“, Cetinje, Montenegro
2018. “Pokloni se”, Gallery TransformArt, Beograd, Serbia
2019. “Three points of touch”, Gallery Roman Petrović, Sarajevo Winter Festival, BIH
2018. Milunović, Stijović, Lubarda’ – Award for painting, The Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro
2005. award for arts, ’Yu- Palette of Young’,Vrbas
2000. Award for the exhibition of the year, The Association of Gallery Owners of Montenegro
1998. Traditional Students Award, „SPINNAKER” Gallery
1997. Frst award for painting, University of Montenegro
1995. First award for drawing, University of Montenegro

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