Saturday, December 16th Grad gallery, KC Grad

Saturday, December 16th Grad gallery, KC Grad

11h Trends in contemporary art / Curatorial projects Curatorial practices, projects in focus / Art criticism

Moderator: Brajan Vojnović, art historian, Belgrade


Merle Radtke, curator, director of Kunsthalle Munster, Berlin

Chloe Stead, assistant editor at Frieze magazine, Berlin

Christophe Knoch, a lawyer and one of the initiators, The Coalition of the Independent Arts, Berlin

Nuno Sacramento, Mozambiquean-Portuguese curator, and the rirector of  Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen

Ana Simona Zelenović, art historian and curator, Gallery Novembar, Belgrade

Rina Gosalci, education and communities programme manager of the Centre for Narrative Practice, Pristina

Gomila (The Crowd), art collective, Novi Sad

Luka Tripković, artist, Belgrade