Friday December 15th Grad gallery, KC Grad

Friday December 15th Grad gallery, KC Grad

11h  Independent art scene and art spaces / Places of creation and development

Moderator: Dimitrije Tadić, cultural manager and advisor, Belgrade


Christophe Knoch, a lawyer and one of the initiators, The Coalition of the Independent Arts, Berlin

Nuno Sacramento, Mozambiquean-Portuguese curator, and the director of Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen

Vahida Ramujkic, artist, board member at art association ULUS, Belgrade

Luka Tripkovic, artist, Belgrade

Aleksandar Rakezić, artist, art director at Kvaka 22, Belgrade

Rina Gosalci, education and communities programme manager of the Centre for Narrative Practice, Prishtina

Mirko Lubarda, curator and art director, Non Canonico, Belgrade

Jovana Trifuljesko, independent curator, U 10, Belgrade

Marija Radoš, art historian, curator, Remont, Belgrade